These trees are grown in California & are guaranteed to be true Medjool palm trees, Big date palm trees and big olive trees for sale, Date Palms, certified Medjools, wholesale to California, Florida, Texas, Las Vegas, Arizona and Houston Wholesale Information . You're gonna love em' SHOP ALL PRODUCTS. Whole, Large and packed in a high-graphic carton. Medjool Dates are a healthy and delicious snack. box, or 11-lb. Medjool Dates are much larger in size, have a soft creamy texture, and have a caramel-like sweet flavor surpassing the standard Date. 3 lb. case, which qualifies for free shipping. Fitness enthusiasts praise its pre­ and post­workout benefits. These juicy, organic morsels can be used in baking and cooking for delicious healthy snacks or enjoyed on their own. Packed with antioxidants and minerals, Caramel Naturel 2 Lbs. We are a private equity Mexican company dedicated to the production, packaging and sale of world class medjool date to the global market. Organic medjool dates are hand-picked from our palm trees in sunny Coachella, California. Hand-pollinated, carefully tended and harvested entirely by hand, Medjool Dates are truly the cream of … 15+ Years of Quality Date Palms & Trees. Whole Medjool dates are the true bounty of Bard Valley. Our specialty, the Medjool Date, is considered to be the very finest date grown in the world. firm-pack | $30 5 lb. firm-pack | $40 10 lb. Grown in Israel and sold in 22 pound containers for restaurants and markets. California Dates have been grown in the United States since the turn of the century. Despite being one of th Premium California Dates! California, United States (888) 326-7256. Medjool, Honey Dates, Empress Dates, Barhi Dates,Coconut Date Roles, Order Online. Shipping to: Las Vegas, Arizona, Florida, Texas California . Its sweet, juicy taste makes it the best of all date varieties. Often referred to as “the Cadillac of dates,” the Medjool is large and moist. Rancho Meladuco Date Farm produces premium Medjool Dates in California's Coachella Valley. firm-pack | $65 Prices include US shipping. Add to Cart. We specialize in the wholesale of specialty ethnic produce: Medjool Dates, Coconut & Almond Date Rolls, Deglet Noor Pitted Dates, Mission Figs, California Golden Figs, Persian Cucumbers, Almonds, Pistachios and Walnuts "We have made it our passion to build a company based on loyalty, partnership and trust. Well packed Posted by Carla C. on 14th Jul 2016 Dates were delicious. At Coachella’s Best, we’re on a mission to bring you the best darn dates you’ve ever had. Imperial valley is known for its heat and high temperatures reaching 120's the palm trees actually thrive off the heat and the Medjools … California Grown DATE PALMS For Sale: We sell CANARY Island Date Palms, MEDJOOL Date Palms, Zahidi and Deglet Noor Date Palms. Medjool dates, pitted dates, organic medjool date syrup - … Organic Certified Medjool Dates grown Locally in California! Medjool Dates may be the best Dried Fruit you have ever tasted and make a great snack. Dates Pitted Dried Fresh Suppliers: We offer best quality Dates (Pitted, Seedless, Diced, Chopped, Paste, Puree, Powder) of all kinds, Nuts of different varieties and various Dried Fruits collected from every part of the world. California which has the ideal climate for growing the highest quality Medjool Dates. Medjool Dates contain many beneficial nutrients, including dietary fiber, which promotes the growth of “good” bacteria that produce various nutrients necessary for o But in fact, this California superfruit, hand-picked in sunny Coachella Valley, is low on the glycemic index, which means it … Wonder why I was not told about this while ordering. What’s better than a deliciously fresh wholesale Medjool Dates in Coachella, CA? Sustainable packaging, no plastic bins & super shareable! We specialize the MEDJOOL DATE PALM, DEGLET NOOR DATE PALM, & ZAHIDI DATE PALM. Premium Large California Medjool Dates. WE ONLY PICK THE BEST DATES. Our date palms are grown in California in the Coachella Valley. It’s a grab­-and­-go whole fruit snack fit for everyone. 2lb Organic Medjool Dates. All of the medjools grown in the United States today trace back to … Our Medjool dates are certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified, and are sustainably grown on organic farms in California. This Medjool date tree fruit variety is grown in the USA, certified organic, and has all the health benefits of dates: • He California also has a booming date industry, thanks to the efforts of US importer Walter Swingle, who brought back several medjool shoots from a Moroccan oasis in 1927. Growing California Dates Since 1913 (760) 778-8349. Simply the finest dates in the world, once reserved solely for the pleasure of the Moroccan High Court, these gorgeous dates are now grown in a few select California and Arizona valleys. Oh! Medjool dates are sometimes called the "King of Dates" because of their large size and plump texture. Life’s too short for bad dates. In the U.S., the 5-A-Day program is now called Fruits & Veggies - More Matters but the goal is the same: to increase daily fruit and vegetable consumption among Americans. Medjools are sweet, creamy, moist, meaty, and firm in texture. South Coast Wholesale (SCW) has over 10,000 Date Palm Trees available for sale. Fresh Organic Medjool dates from our family farm in Coachella, CA. Located in Mexicali, Mexico, right in the US- Mexico border, 80 miles south of the Coachella Valley in California, the premier date producing region of the continent. Medjool dates, pitted dates, organic medjool date syrup - … certified Medjool palms for sale & installation. Middle Eastern countries remain the world’s top medjool producers. Medjools are the king of all Dates and are known as a delicacy throughout the world. Rancho Meladuco's Dates are available for sale here! 1 lb Organic Medjool Dates (2-Pack) $22.99. Organically grown in California, Medjool Dates are rich in flavour, 100% fat free and a natural source of fibre giving you that extra energy boost before a fitness session. We always dig our date palm trees fresh from the fields. Traditionalists believe it’s the best way to enjoy a Medjool date.