You want to look for reels that use this kind of science to improve your comfort and the longevity of the reel.Â, I will be honest with you; I don’t find drag as important as some anglers might. 1. From inland trout, to bass, and even salmon, very heavily used every year and never cleaned it. It is exceptionally light at a price range very affordable. The Magnetic Braking System controls the spool rotation and helps you cast longer distances without worrying about backlash.Â, Second, the reel fits nicely in your hand. The gap is huge. The Supreme XT fishing reel is made for angling in the freshwater and coastal regions. The daiwa fuego is a much, and I mean much much much better buy than this pflueger. Kind of misleading but the description does state felt drag. Comments: Very smooth reel from Pflueger, who make the very finest spinning reels on the market. ... Pflueger SUPSP30X Supreme Spinning Reel, Ambi, 9BB, 6.2:1 Ratio. It’s one of the lightest reels I have ever encountered.Â, Finally, the casting and retrieval performance of this reel is incredible. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. PFLUEGER Supreme Baitcaster Fishing Reel SUP64LP + Free Braid + Warranty. Exclusive offers sent right to your inbox. They also use a lightweight graphite rotor with an X-crafty gearbox design that keeps everything in perfect alignment while also making it easy to hold and fish with all day.Â, You have four different size model options with this one, and I would recommend going with a middle of the road choice. Durable and protective of major components. I would certainly suggest this reel to anyone looking for a decent spinning reel with out breaking the bank. Comments: For $100 you will not find a better spinning reel than this one. It's not the smoothest reel by far and the handle knob has a ton of play in it which has been distracting to me on some of my finesse presentations , usually in tough weather. Nice reels!! Although spinning reels are lightweight, they are constructed with durable materials to offer strong, reliable performance. 8 Best Portable Fish Finders For Anglers on the Go, Best Fish Finder GPS Combos: Top Six GPS and Chart Plotting Choices, 7 Best Kayak Fish Finders for New and Experienced Anglers. There are a few reasons why I recommend this reel. © 2019. $13.00 shipping. YourBassGuy. So, if you have a 6:1 gear ratio, it means that every time you crank the handle one time, it turns the internal gear six times.Â, With that knowledge, you should realize that the higher the gear ratio, the less cranking you need to do to get the fish in the boat. This reel is also incredibly comfortable to fish, featuring … Virgil is the grandfather of our founder and Editor-in-Chief. A braid-ready spool allows braid to be tied directly to the spool without a monofilament backing, making this fishing reel an ideal choice for a wide range of species and angling applications. I tried re-oiling the reel and it was still not smooth. It’s an affordable spinning reel that is the perfect choice for beginner finesse anglers.Â, Our final option is an affordable baitcaster at less than $100. This reel helps you accommodate the changes.Â, Finally, at a low price point like this one, the aluminum handle and comfortable grip provide the durability of a premium reel for a bare-bones price tag.Â, Now you’ve seen a lot of the great options that are out there, let’s talk about some of the factors that go into making your decision. But the spinning reel is best for catching Bass and Walleye, two of the most popular fish for the catch. It’s only 4.5 ounces, which is kind of incredible. Comments: I use this reel for smallmouth fishing in northern Michigan. Copyright © Tackle Warehouse. If you have a low drag rating, it will be easier for the bass to swim away with your bait and harder for you to get them back.Â, A high drag rating will result in a lot of resistance and easier retrieval. Size: This is another area with some differences between the reel series. This reel is great at preventing backlash, and it retrieves like a dream. Sure, there may be lighter, smoother reels on the market, but for $100, no way you can find a better all-around reel. They place the handle closer to the machined aluminum spool, which feels more comfortable in your hand. I have not had one problem with it & can't think of any cons. Shimano is about the best you can get when it comes to the best spinning reels for bass fishing. $300.00. Ending Jan 3 at 1:50PM PST 6d 8h. The Supreme XT spinning reel is incredibly comfortable thanks to its EVA handle knob, effortlessly smooth retrieve, and a carbon handle that is 21 percent lighter than aluminum. It's light, smooth, durable, can handle big fish, and it looks good on any spinning rod. The result is improved casting distance. I put 20lb power pro on it with a 12lb flouro leader which is pretty heavy for a finesse rig but I use it to throw senkos & Texas rigs into cover. The more bearings you have, the smoother the reel, but it’s also important to pay attention to the type of bearings.Â, You want to see corrosion-resistant stainless steel bearings in the reel because they won’t wear down over time, and if you maintain it, you won’t have to worry about the dirt and debris getting inside and causing the bearings to corrode. ILS 27.08 shipping (A) Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel Spool Only 1495 1/2 RC EXC. When you need to let line out quickly, it can do that, but it also works for medium crankbait fishing where you need to go a little slower. Ideal for a wide range of fishing applications, the Pflueger Supreme® XT Spinning Reel is equipped with 9 stainless steel ball bearings and an On/Off instant anti-reverse bearing.