Helping Eric with contributions to this article and editing were Mark and Mary Frank, Bob Putnam and Ed Scott. Any section of terrain with few features or difficult to recognize features should kick-in this mode, even though the appearance of the forest and map may have nothing in common with French Creek. View Location View Map. Certainly it is a man-made feature but not a man-name material. So what does the Orange (intermediate) level orienteer have to look at? French Creek Subwatersheds View data description. French Creek State Park is an Important Bird Area and Important Mammal Area as designated by the National Audubon Society and also has Pine Swamp, a State Park Natural Area. be very noticeable after the leaves have fallen. French Creek State Park is in Berks and Chester counties. You should start by selecting an attack point, not an attack area. While there is a near absence of medium-sized features, there is an abundance During this past winter (1999-2000), two visiting Russian mappers--Vladimir Zherdev and Alexey Zuev--asked, "Why use a brown triangle to represent a charcoal terrace?" French Creek State Park is an important bird area as designated by the National Audubon Society, and an important mammal area as designated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Steve's decisions and standards regarding what and how to map have stood the test Of course, many people can't easily get to this area. Most Popular Maps. Once you find the attack point, a good idea, even for elite runners, is to come to a complete stop, take a full look at the map, note every (not selected) detail, establish compass bearing and pace count, then proceed into the control with every technique "on." Let me comfort you by pointing out that the French Creek system is not complicated, especially if you adopt the conservative approach, which I highly recommend; then you won't have to agonize over the risk. Furthermore, the mapper cannot walk around On some hillsides, the pieces of stony D a r b y C r e e k 76 276 176 202 78 WALNUT STREET TRAILHEAD French Creek State Park Nolde Forest State Park Blue Marsh Lake READING H o r s e s h o e T r a i l (n o b i k e s) C r o s s C 5169 Stockade Gordon Blue Bell Area ELEV. Some observation tips: Attacking controls carefully has been mentioned but is worth expanding on. Although currently used primarily by locals, township officials envision the French Creek Trail being extended east into Phoenixville, where it will connect to the Schuylkill River Trail and west to the Horseshoe and Big Woods trails in Warwickn County and French Creek State parks, forming a major link in Southeast Pennsylvania's burgeoning trail network. here, one must learn to recognize and even rely on many features that in the contours is also worth noting since they accurately depict changes in Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. French Creek State Park is a 7,526-acre (3,046 ha) Pennsylvania state park in North Coventry and Warwick Townships in Chester County and Robeson and Union Townships in Berks County, Pennsylvania in the United States. Only horse camp in Custer State Park. French Creek State Park is a 7,526-acre (3,046 ha) Pennsylvania state park in North Coventry and Warwick Townships in Chester County and Robeson and Union Townships in Berks County, Pennsylvania in the United States. Straddling the Schuylkill Highlands, the 7,730-acre park is the largest block of contiguous forest between Washington D.C. and New York City. The heavily forested, scenic hills of French Creek State Park provide habitat for plants and animals in the ever-expanding urban environment of southeastern Pennsylvania. During my travels around Pennsylvania, I’ve been to many quaint small towns, but few have been as charming as St. Peters Village in southeastern Pennsylvania.. St. Peters Village is located in western Chester County, not far from French Creek State Park and Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site.. State parks: French Creek State Park (6,000 acres open for hunting); Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center (937 acres open for hunting); Marsh Creek State Park … The charcoal terrace is an earthern feature and, therefore, should be brown and not black. There are One more point: The IOF control description (number 6.8, 1990 edition) for the charcoal terrace is a triangle inside a circle. Many features of all types are man-made, but in orienteering mapping, the material generally dictates the choice of color, e.g. This is doubly true at French Creek. When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. The final approach is the most critical part of a leg, where the most time is lost. Find the best French Creek State Park around and get detailed driving directions with road conditions, live traffic updates, and reviews of local business along the way. This emphasizes the importance of selecting a route that utilizes the available features and using every detail on the way into the control. The term "French Creek" now signifies the type of terrain and associated navigational technique characteristic of this state park. Most notable is the absence of complex map reading terrain, especially detailed contour map reading. France Park is a Cass County Park & Campground offering 200 campsites for tents, trailers and RVs in a wooded area just outside of Logansport. However, once the orienteer leaves the security of the linear features, the difficulty switches almost immediately to the advanced level. The new course is long and wooded with tight fairways. The state record smallmouth bass was caught in Scotts Run Lake. Thickets can be used for navigation, but their usefulness depends on the type of vegetation, which is difficult to foresee. Search Results for "{{ ::query }}" page {{ currentPageIndex+1 }} of {{ ::ctrl.numberOfResultsPages() }} French Creek State Park 843 Park Rd , Elverson, PA 19520 French Creek Pool 843 Park Rd , Elverson, PA 19520 Legal. map.). Created By: Pierre Last Updated: May 13th, 2010 10:05am Map Coverage: North: 40.2261° West: -75.8544° East: -75.7115° South: 40.1698° Country: United States State: Pennsylvania Price: 0. In addition, there are some intermediate-sized contour features that might not be obvious on the map but are recognizable in the terrain. Noting the direction of travel relative to the contours or fall line of a hillside is another rough-map-reading observation to have in the arsenal. Pool Parking 40.19881, –75.78425 4. French Creek State Park is in Berks and Chester counties. Tomales Bay: Open, but power is out. Typically, a map covers one or two of these hills. The bottom line on either compass is that the user must line up the needle with another line. Doc ID: 1752516 Doc Name: TG16-006_GeoGuide_FrenchCreekSP.pdf; Error Message: In order to establish a level plane, geometrically it's necessary to establish a minimum of three points of the same elevation in a triangular, not linear, relationship. Eric, a member of DVOA, is a former US Champ. terrain usable for fair, competitive orienteering. When carefully designed, French Creek Yellow and Orange courses aren't necessarily difficult. 345. Created 7/6/04 From R at ing. Pick the nearest, strongest feature available. Like the contour features, the rock features are also small and subtle. Detailed recreation map for French Creek State Park in Pennsylvania. In comparison, most other terrains provide an easier, less rigid style of orienteering that allows, even encourages, the cutting of corners. This means not only learning to recognize charcoal terraces but also noticing everything possible to the front, side and, yes, even behind the direction of travel. in location are essential because the navigation takes place on delicate details. Located on the banks of French Creek, the French Creek Horse Camp is designed specifically for campers with horses. See 11 traveler reviews, 11 photos and 2 blog posts It usually takes a return trip or two to realize that not only are the details all there, but they are precisely mapped, and, once the orienteer makes some adjustments, navigation is in fact possible. Seasons and Hours The park is open every day of the year, sunrise to sunset. While French Creek terrain is unique, and extreme in some respects, it is a great place to learn orienteering because it clearly requires, and hopefully teaches, strong fundamentals and discipline. indistinct to be mapped; however, this bit of knowledge has helped more than Even as you zip by at 65 mph along State Highway 14 near Agua Dulce, the 150-foot-tall tilted sandstone formations at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park might just inspire a sense of déjà vu. Being able to generalize the map picture is an extremely useful skill to apply to areas of rock detail and, to a lesser degree, to vegetation and wet areas. of small and subtle features; some would say that there is an abundance 10 to 12 meters in diameter, excavated on hillsides to provide a level area While noting these shapes, you should also be aware of the direction of your travel relative to the contours, whether it is directly uphill or downhill, or at an angle to the slope of the hill, or directly along the slope, contouring along the hillside. French Creek State Park is in the Parks category for Berks County in the state of Pennsylvania. continues. other terrains are insignificant or unmapped. As always, it helps to know what features are the most reliable and easiest to recognize. Usually accompanying these steeper pitches is a "shoulder" at the top edge of the slope where it levels off and a "bench" on the lower side of the slope where it levels off before dropping off further below. French Creek gently flows through Custer State Park and into the French Creek Natural Area. Whether that line is the north line on the map or the hairline inside the housing doesn't seem to matter. of time and, in hindsight, were remarkable, considering that neither he nor anyone Contrary to most French Creek features, these are often more obvious in the terrain than on the map, particularly after the leaves fall off the hardwoods. also many old logging trails, most of which have virtually disappeared except Whatever the case, split times indicated that in many cases, medals were won and lost here. At French Creek this applies almost everywhere, since there are few obvious supporting features. We have shade, grass, and wild turkey and deer are frequent visitors. It was the exercises, not the terrain, that proved to be very relevant for French Creek. Often at French Creek supporting features dictate only one or two reasonable approaches. Entrances are located on PA 345; south of Birdsboro and north of PA 23. Some 0.5m boulders are mapped when there are no other surrounding rocks and good visibility. The new course is long and wooded with tight fairways. When doing fine map reading at French Creek, you must adjust your thinking and look for subtler features, for instance, contour ripples. For example, stony ground-which usually occurs in distinct, well-defined, very large as well as small patches-is a significant feature and is useful for both techniques. Find French Creek State Park camping, campsites, cabins, and other lodging options. The club was also fortunate in getting Steve Templeton to do the fieldwork for the It is our home turf, our largest and most accessible nice forest and our primary classroom for advanced orienteering. Enter the park from the south or west and park near the Hopewell Lake recreation area. Long. It is recommended that you arrive the first time before night fall and park … Much of the discussion here focuses on advanced-level orienteering, but a few concepts are especially relevant for Orange and Yellow course orienteers (intermediate and beginner levels). There are more common intermediate-level contour features such as ridges, valleys and hilltops that are mostly large, broad and can be counted on two hands to cover the whole map. In dry months, the first mile or so of the creek flows underground leaving a dry path. Nearest Map » Fullsize Share Map. This attention to detail could aptly be termed "micro orienteering." Only horse camp in Custer State Park. Knolls and dot knolls can be very low, and contour features in general are subtle. The same applies to boulders, despite their relatively small size. Forget about wandering in and hoping to find something on the map. Coolidge EL. general presents above-average runnability and visibility for the middle Atlantic region. The shorter Silver layout is a par 54 and the longer Gold layout is a par 64. The heavily forested, scenic hills of French Creek State Park provide habitat for plants and animals in the ever-expanding urban environment of southeastern Pennsylvania. Get directions, maps, and traffic for French Creek, WV. It is worth noting that mapped streams always have a noticeable watercourse, and ponds and marshes are mapped not by the presence of water but by associated vegetation or lack thereof, in the case of ponds. Things to do near French Creek State Park on Tripadvisor: See 16 reviews and 392 candid photos of things to do near French Creek State Park in Elverson, Pennsylvania. The term "French Creek" now signifies the type of terrain and associated navigational technique characteristic of this state park. .35 MILE 1/4 0 1/2 1 KILOMETER 900 850 Park Office Contact Station Blue Symbol Means Accessible Public Phone Restrooms Food Concession Picnic Area Playground Amphitheater Swimming Pool Showerhouse/ Restrooms Boat Rental Boat Launch & Mooring Fishing Pier Camping Organized Group Tenting Cabins … Expect that every control will demand a disciplined attack. Perhaps you went right, left, high, low, long or short? One example is a multi-contour hillside that is noticeably steeper than the slopes above and below. carbon-black soil, noticeably different from the common red-brown soil of the area. These thick areas can be divided into two categories of vegetation. 1. Why did Steve use the brown triangle? Park Office 40.19843, –75.79327 2. Details - Map - Reviews - Nearest. State Park No Hunting or Weapons Restricted Area State Park Hunting William Penn State Forest Land 50 FT. INTERVALS GPS Coordinates Decimal Degree Lat. Swatara State Park has more log hops and switchbacks, sharp turns and drops, but not nearly the level of rocky fun you'll encounter at French Creek. The following article is a revised reprint of a piece that originally appeared in the March/April 1992 issue of Orienteering North America. There are Course Map & Scorecard Links Schedule Directions Photos Long Trout Winery A Disc Golf Mecca in a beautiful State Park celebrating 35 years! else had any prior knowledge of this terrain. a reliable map, the orienteering becomes a frustrating game of chance with poor odds. French Creek State Park is in Berks and Chester counties. Of course, attack points are important on all levels of courses, but for intermediate-level competitors the application is simpler. French Creek can present route-choice problems. Aside from a couple of small ponds, water features are primarily confined to low-lying Although the town is just across the street, we're flanked by two city parks, and backed by the famous French Creek. This is done in part because stony ground has more relative importance at French Creek but also because it usually occurs in more distinct, definable areas compared to other terrains. Cliffs are almost nonexistent, but it only takes about 1.0m in height for a cliff to make the map. French Creek State Park Central Sun, Aug 02, 2020 W Y O Br G R Director: E-Punch: Yes ... Map Information French Creek State Park Central 843 Park Road Elverson Berks/Chester County PA Scale 1:10000 LatLong N:40.1984 W:-75.7835 Photogrammetry Olaf Helgesen Field Work E.Weyman, E.Scott(1995), E.Scott(1999) Cartography J-J Cot�, Pat Dunlavey Printing West Lawn Graphic … On the other hand, there are some very rocky areas where the standard is up to 1.2m. Get directions, find nearby businesses and places, and much more. Proceed detail by detail, and you will probably find that you can navigate by these little features if you are careful. The predominant "white" forest is variable but in The term "French Creek" now signifies the type of terrain and associated navigational technique characteristic of this state park. This article, reprinted from the May 1992 issue of Orienteering North America, addressing orienteering at French Creek is still relevant to most DVOAers since this terrain continues to be the centerpiece of DOVA meets and training. Usually the "O" problem is very straightforward: rough compass through the featureless hillside to the next linear feature, find a known point and repeat. The intermediate courses frequently require crossing through sections of terrain that only have advanced-level point features on the map. French Creek State Park in Berks County is the largest block of contiguous forest between Washington, D.C. and New York City. for places where they left ruts or eroded into the hillside. Both protractor and thumb compasses have been used successfully at French Creek. There are several reasons, but the simplest is that Steve Templeton, who gets credit for "discovering" this feature at French Creek, chose to symbolize it with the brown triangle, and subsequent mappers have followed suit. 843 Park Road, Elverson PA, 19520. John Overton-formerly of IUPOC and DVOA, now with LAOC-coined the term "island hopping" to describe the style of map reading from one small feature to the next. Samuel P. Taylor: Both the park and campground are open, but power is out. "French Creek" orienteering is not limited to this park; the existing maps of Mont Alto (QOC/SVOC), Macedonia Brook (WCOC) and sections of … Stony ground, even in small pieces, is also a relatively strong feature and might be more usable for those inexperienced in this terrain. The forest is almost exclusively hardwood with a few renegade evergreens that can The essential routine (attack point - stop - map read - pace count - compass - and eyes open) can be trained on any map or even without a map, for that matter. French Creek Reservation is home to 450 acres of wooded landscape as well as a beautiful Nature Center that is the home to French Creek Theatre, the park district’s very own Live Theatre program. Human Population. "Island hopping" can be considered synonymous with "charcoal-terrace hopping" at French Creek. Many first timers to French Creek comment that there are many details on the map but nothing to see in the terrain. the features don't appear on the basemap. DVOA was fortunate that the area was already covered by good aerial photography. There is no marked trail through this area, hikers can make their own way by following the creek of the paths of previous hikers. It is located in the Hopewell Big Woods. Large oak, poplar, hickory, maple, and beech trees cover much of the park, with a sparse understory of … If there is any doubt about the original attack point, find something different. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Approximately 67 of the sites are ‘primitive’ and the other 133 have electric hookups, a table, fire ring and grate. Walk, hike, jog, run with us and discover a whole new outdoor adventure. 40.19824 Long. Rootstocks (the crown of roots of uprooted trees) are shown with a brown "x." Such a technical route choice accepts a known small time loss because of the longer route, over the possiblity of a large time loss due to error with a straight-line route. The campground is open March through early January. Information about the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies Official Website noticeably stony underfoot, although not necessarily mapped as anything. valleys, as in the Washington DC (QOC) area. aren't detailed, but they aren't very smooth, either. However, to orienteer well French Creek is a single tee pad double basket course. French Creek State Park (PA) Map. Of course, some are more distinct than others, but none were left off the map for being indistinct. One warning: often very similar features lie along the linear feature, such as bends, junctions, rocks, terraces, rootstocks, etc., so it is usually worth taking some extra time to check multiple confirming features before staking your attack. A work in progress, the French Creek Trail is one of several trails being developed by East Pikeland Township. Still, French Creek is a fine home terrain from which to move on and up. However, you won't be overwhelmed by detail, since there are seldom more than a few features visible at one time. Group camping is also available. A good illustration of this point for me came with the 1985 Australian World Championships. The Official Jasper National Park Website. Then develop your route choice and attack system. It also helps to find a compass that reminds the user to sight into the terrain ahead and to repeat the whole procedure frequently. In the big picture, French Creek terrain is characterized by large, rounded hill Maybe. Then gradually learn to do this at a jog with the appropriate stops. French Creek State Park is a 7,526-acre (3,046 ha) Pennsylvania state park in North Coventry and Warwick Townships in Chester County and Robeson and Union Townships in Berks County, Pennsylvania in the United States. Straddling the Schuylkill Highlands, the 7,730-acre park is the largest block of contiguous forest between Washington D.C. and New York City.